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An inspirational Ted Talk by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, outlines the need for more women in leadership roles.

In the US, she states that within corporations, only 15% of women are in top C level board roles. Since 2002 these numbers have remained stable, without increase.

Another point discussed is the balancing act that women face when considering personal and career roles. It becomes increasingly difficult for women to have children when in an executive position. Therefore, statistically women have less children compared to men when in these types of roles.

How do we change these statistics?

By keeping women in the workforce and especially encouraging women in higher level positions, businesses can keep women from leaving these roles.

As moms, Sheryl says that women have two very difficult choices to make.

Those two choices include,

1) To be a stay-at-home with your children, or
2) To remain in the workforce and leave your children with a daycare.

She acknowledges the intense guilt that is felt by women everywhere when making the second choice.

For those women who want to stay in the workforce, Sheryl outlines three messages:

Sheryl is hopeful that in the future, businesses and countries are run equally by both men and women.

Watch the full Ted Talk here: Why we have too few women leaders.

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