What Does is Mean to be a FAST Leader

fast leaderI am often asked what do I mean by the term FAST Leader, or what is FAST Leadership Approach.

Well, I have written many articles on the FAST Leadership Approach, but I haven’t really talked much about what is a FAST Leader.

There is quite a bit of overlap between the two as you can imagine, both of them include Focus, Accountability, Simplicity and Transparency in their definitions, but there are some subtle differences in these attributes between the FAST Leadership Approach and FAST Leaders.

In FAST Leadership these are the attributes of the process that we follow to achieve successful results, whereas for FAST Leaders, they are the qualities that the leaders exhibit.

FAST Leadership looks to ensure that we have the right:

FAST Leaders are leaders who:

These are the attributes of FAST Leaders and it’s these qualities that help them to build inspired and engaged teams.

In 2015 I am looking to help as many people become FAST Leaders as possible, because the more FAST Leaders we have, the more the inspired and engaged teams we will have, and the more astounding the result we will achieve.

I want to create a FAST Movement where fellow FAST Leaders will come together, to share ideas and learn from one another.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a FAST Leader or join the FAST Movement, then sign up for more information.


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