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4 Employee Retention Strategies for Your Small Business

Guest Post – 4 Employee Retention Strategies for Your Small Business
Utilizing the right employee retention strategies can spread the cost of hiring and training over an extended period, helping you to minimize operating expenses. As time passes, your employees develop skills and acquire knowledge that improves the performance of your organization, making them increasingly valuable.

Many […]

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Butterflies of Wisdom Podcast

Check out my interview with Win Kelly Charles on Butterflies of Wisdom  Podcast

I am honored to be a guest on Butterflies of Wisdom and here is some more information about the show.

Butterflies of Wisdom is about celebrating life with women from different walks of life. We take a look into daily life issues, books and how […]

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FAST Leadership Podcast – Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Out

In todays show I interview Keli Chevalier, a former US Army Major with 20 years experience in Public Affairs, who talks to us about overcoming adversity and creating the results we want.

Keli is a leadership and communication expert who uses storytelling to help get her messages across in a powerful way that helps to engage her […]

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CMI Management Book of the Year 2017 shortlist announced!


17 October 2016

CMI Management Book of the Year 2017 shortlist announced

This year’s best management books explore the importance of management trust and ethics through a lens of leadership, technology and change

Trust and ethics, diversity and productivity are key themes running through this year’s 25 best management and leadership books short listed […]

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Leaders: If You’re Wondering Who’s To Blame For Failure

Too many leaders look to find people to blame for their failings, wondering who’s fault it is.

But when we blame people we give away our power to fix it. Only when we own our our failure and and failings are we in a position to do anything about them

Check out this video to find out […]

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How To Get A Better Work Life Balance

One of the questions that I am constantly asked is how as a leader to I get a better workalike balance.

Check out this video to find out what you can do to reduce stress and workload.

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Business Transformational and Operational Excellence







Happy to announce that I will be speaking at Business Transformational and Operational Excellence World Summit in Orlando March 21-24 in 2017.

BTOES17 is one of the leading conference and will have some outstanding speakers, over 100) who will be sharing their knowledge and over the three days

If you would like to attend then register here and […]

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How To Make Your Employees Love You

Guest Post – How to Make Your Employees Love You

Having your employees love you isn’t something you can take for granted – you need to keep them constantly engaged and earn their appreciation. If there is no long-term effort to invest time and energy in motivating your workers, they will not respect you as a […]

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20 Bad Habits of Ineffective Leaders

It’s great to read books and articles about what the great leaders do so that we can model ourselves on the best, and I highly recommend that.

However, it’s also worthwhile taking the time to understand what bad leaders do so that we can learn what to avoid which can be just as helpful.

Over my 25 […]

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How To Find A Life Coach (Infographic)

One of the things that surprises me is how many people resist the urge to have a catch, whether it be for their career, their business or just for their life.

I say that because when you look at successful people, especially athletes, they all have coaches, they all know that they need support and guidance […]

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