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How to Lead a Digital Transformation

Leading A Digital Transformation

We are in the midst of the digital revolution, one which is changing the face of business, with new business models where the biggest taxi firm has no taxis, the biggest book seller no bookstores, the biggest provider of hotel rooms has no hotels. For companies who can ride out the digital […]

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Form Is Temporary, Class Is Permanent. Really?

Form is temporary class is permanent is a phrase I have often heard in a sporting context, and it’s usually used in the context of explaining why a perceived great has given a poor performance, or why we should over look other players in the future, in preference to the perceived great.

To say I hate […]

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The Secret to Good Gardening is Taking Care of The Weeds

Good gardening is not just about growing good plants; it’s also about getting rid of the weeds.

Good plants need the right environment in which to grow, they need fertile ground, nurturing and watering.

When we have weeds, they compete for the same resources that our good plants need and often they are virulent taking more than […]

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Comfort Zone Friends or Prison Guards?

There’s a well known saying by Jim Rohn that states  We are the average of the 5 people we spend most time with.

These five friends are the one’s that help define our comfort zone, in fact we have a shared comfort zone with all of them. 

Now whilst this might not be a limitation, it does […]

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Who or What Inspires You?

I wrote a post yesterday about over coming our self limiting beliefs and I got a tremendous amount of positive feedback. People writing to me, telling me how much they needed to hear that, and that I had inspired them to push do more, to not accept limits and to never say never.

During one of […]

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Hope Is Not A Strategy

Leadership is about creating Vision, getting people to buy-in to the Vision, coming up with a plan to meet that Vision and then executing.

We need all of these elements to be successful. If we have a Vision without a plan, then that’s a wish and we are relying on Hope to help us achieve it […]

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How To Get A Team To Exceed Its Full Potential

As Leicester City continue the journey at the top of the premier league, it’s fascinating to see how the manager, Claudio Ranieri, handles the situation.

When you look at some of the other teams who have won the league, like Chelsea, their manager Jose Mourhino, called himself the special one, at Manchester, it seemed like it […]

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My 3 Different Types of Procrastination And How I Try To Deal With Them


A lot of time procrastination is classified as a form of laziness, a lack of focus or a lack of desire to do what we have on our to do list, and I know that for me that’s often the case.

But I have different types of procrastination and each one of them has a different […]

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Continuous Feedback Creates Continuous Improvement

With more and more companies jettisoning Annual Performance Reviews, Accenture, Deloittes, etc., we need an alternative, one that will be popular both with the people being assessed and the people doing the assessment, and one which will add benefit to the organisation. Continuous Feedback is the new approach which is seen as the Win-Win-Win solution. […]

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How Belief Can Transform an Organisation

Belief is a very powerful force, the more belief we have the more success we have.

Belief starts with the leader. The leader needs to have the team believe in them, and when that happens it allows the leader to build belief in the team.  


The currently Leicester City team which confounds the critics and sits […]

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