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Interview with Chris Cooper on The Business Elevator Show,

During this show we will be talking about F.A.S.T, a revolutionary approach to leadership that simplifies what we need to do to be successful. This approach has been used to turnaround failing projects, under-performing departments, money losing companies and help leaders to accelerate growth and profitability. Join me with my guest Gordon Tredgold who is […]

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FAST Interview on Author Story

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Top 20 Reasons Why Startups Fail

As part of my research into FAST I read an interesting article in Fortune Magazine on the Why Startups Fail According To Their Founders, which was both shocking and surprising, and also confirmed the need for FAST.

The article was shocking because according to the survey 90% of startups fail, but also surprising because many of the […]

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FAST Interview on Mile High Radio

Check out my interview with Deb Krier on Mile High Radio.

A great discussion Leadership, FAST and Football.

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It All Starts With Focus

Focus is the most important element in any endeavour, we need to make sure we know where we are going, what success looks like and we need to communicate it clearly to everyone involved so that we are all pulling in the same direction.

Once we have our focus we need to maintain it, we need […]

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5 Ways To Boost Accountability And Improve Results

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The Elegance of Simplicity

I am a huge fan of Simplicity, I believe the simpler can make things the more success we will have. Simplicity inspires people, it gives them belief and confidence.

Unfortunately we seem to have a natural tendency to over complicate things, to make life, projects, busines and everything we undertake more difficult than it should be.

We […]

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Whatever Happened To Core Values?

Having read through a number of articles surround the Volkswagen emission scandal the one thing that really stands out for me was the comments of the now ex CEO, who said “…this kind of behavior, I can tell you of my heart, is completely inconsistent with our core values. Our values, the three core values […]

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Can Anyone Be A Leader ?

I wrote an article yesterday called Three Simple Steps to Becoming a Leader  and I received a lot of interesting feedback, most of it was appreciative thanking me for the simple advice that they would look to use, but some of it was completely negative, telling me that not everyone was cut out to be […]

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FAST – 4 Principles Every Business Needs To Achieve Success And Drive Results

As we approach the launch of FAST I wanted to share the first chapter to give you a taste of what FAST is and why it is important. I have also included the foreward by John Spence and the Introduction.






























Much like Gordon, I’ve spent the last two decades of my life traveling […]

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