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If You Don’t Know Whats Going On Its Tough To Give Advice

I was out running today, training for my next marathon in October, and when I run I use a technique pioneered by Jeff Galloway. This techniques involves both running and walking.

Personally my regime is to run for three minutes and then walk for a minute, I find that works best for me.

One of the benefits […]

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The Pros of a Tech Free Vacation

Guest Post on the Pro’s of a Tech Free Vacation from NEOMam Studios.

You can find out more information here. 


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Stop Waiting For A Silver Bullet Solution That Isn’t Coming!

One of the challenges of modern living is that we are constantly marketed to about the next Magic Solution, that Silver Bullet which is going to solve all of our problems.  The sliming pill which will allow us to eat anything and everything and still lose weight; that training program that for just 1 minute […]

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How to Be Productive During Your Daily Commute!

Here is an excellent infographic on what to do with the 10,000+ hours we spend commuting during our working lives in order to be more productive.

This graphic has been produced in collaboration between NeoMam Studios and Pro Essay Writers.





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Why We Need to Have A Strong Self Image!

I have often talked about self limiting beliefs and have read lots of articles about their importance, but it wasn’t until a read a quote that it really came home to me, just how important these things are. Of course I kind of new it, but this quote really crystallised it for me.

That quote is […]

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Guest Post – Giving Feedback

Guest post on Giving Feedback by Jon Windust.

I was delighted when Gordon asked me whether I’d be interested in penning a short follow-up to “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions!”

Better workplace feedback is one of my real passions, and a space that we’ve done a lot of research in on my blog at Cognology over […]

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Focus On Your Strengths Not on Your Weaknesses

It is our strengths which differentiate us from the pack, that help us to scale the heights and achieve our goals, and it is here that we should place the majority, if not all of our efforts.

When we work on our weakness, unless they are fatal, we will only end up achieving a fraction of […]

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Happy People Are Productive People.

On todays show we’re going to be taking about the connection between Confidence, Positivity and Productivity. We have all heard the saying happy people are productive people and today we will be discussing this subject with Eildh Milnes, the former president of the Professional Speaker Association, who is know as Captain Positivity and has been […]

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How To Be Successful Starting Your Own Business

FAST Leadership Radio Show

According to Forbes Magazine 80% of first time business fail within 18 month, which is a staggering statistic. On todays show we will be speaking to Melinda Emerson who is recognized by Forbes as the #1 Small Business Expert and she is the author Become Your Own Boss In 12 Months and […]

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The Difference Between Generation Z and Millennials

There is a lot of talk about the fact that Millennials are now becoming the largest part of the work force and that they have different demands, and views on the work environment, and that businesses need to be able to respond in order to retain the best talent.

Here’s a study on the next generation, […]

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