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Delivering Results By Using Influence

Driving Results Through influence. In today’s world, you often have to manage services have outsourced to third parties and may be offshored, or you work in a virtual or matrixes organisation where people work remotely, or you have to lead people where you do not have direct control over them.

This is a difficult situation, especially if you started your […]

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FAST Approach To Increase Employee Engagement

Did you know that employee engagement in the US is currently running at around 32% and that this is negatively impacting the Economy by $450-$550B per annum in lost productivity?

With such huge losses isn’t it time that you do something to improve the situation, and do it FAST.

FAST is an approach I have created where you […]

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Understanding Empowerment

When ever I ask people about empowerment, everyone seems to know what it is, but when I did a little deeper into what does it mean, how do you implement it, that’s when things start to get a little bit sketchier.
There is a very big difference between knowing and understanding something. I know this from personal experience […]

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Results Based Leadership: Power of Win Win Scenarios

The Power of Win-Win in Results Based Leadership
Results should be the goal of every leader. As a leader, you’re not brought in to maintain the status quo, your job is to help the teams achieve their goals, and for that, you need to have a ‘results based leadership’ approach.

As a leader, you’re not brought in […]

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How to Turn Your Customers into Brand Advocates

Brand Advocates And How To Create Them
Creating trustworthy brand advocates can help you to launch your business to the next level. The Neilson Global Trust in Advertising Report in 2015 stated that more than 80 percent of consumers in several dozen countries around the world trust their friends’ and family’s recommendations more than they trust […]

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Real Leaders Speak Up In Trouble Times

Leadership is not just about being in charge, issuing commands and telling people what to do, that’s really just management.

Leadership is about providing a vision, direction, taking a stand and speaking up against injustices and things that you know in your heart are not true, and doing so even when this may be negatively received.

Leadership […]

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How to Drive Employee Engagement – Create A People First Culture

You don’t get to be in the 100 Best Companies to Work For, for 19 years in a row and have great employee engagement, just by luck.

So when I saw that one of my local firms had achieved that goal, I went to meet with them to find out just how they had done that.

When I […]

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One Thing Some Leaders Don’t Accept About Culture

When it comes to culture, I have worked in many companies, and also seen many cultures where the cultures have been less than optimal, and in some cases, they have been toxic.

In each of those companies, I have also seen the leaders come out and complain about these cultures, criticizing them, consigning them and saying […]

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5 Steps To Becoming A Top Digital Influencer

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that many people are now scrambling to become digital influencers — looking to stake a claim and reap the benefits that come along with being a digital influencer. Some days it feels like the California Gold Rush all over again.

Related: 5 Free Influencer Outreach Templates for Your […]

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Employee Engagement Isn’t Enough For Great Results

I have written a lot of articles on employee engagement, how important it is, what the benefits can be and how many companies can do much better given that on average only one in three employees are engaged.

But, while employee engagement is important, and you will see your results start to improve, engagement is just the first step […]

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