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FAST Coaching Package                10% Discount

Introductory 30 minute session to scope objectives


5 x 1 hour coaching sessions to create plan


 Get started Sessions will be online via GoToMeeting with recording provided, if requested.

Normal Retail cost $2500, save 10%                             Discount Price $2250


FAST On-line Training                   50% Discount
Introducing My FAST Fundamentals On-Line Program Program

The only training program centered around […]


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Politics and Leadership

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Having watched the fallout from the Donald Trump outbursts about illegal immigrants from Mexico being rapists, drug dealers and thieves, the more I see a disconnect between politics and leadership.


10 Tips for

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Here are 10 reasons why goal setting is important

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will do


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毫无疑问,员工的职业发展是推动企业成长的关键。Bakker 和 Demerouti 认为学习与发展(L&D)是驱动员工全身投入工作的三大关键因素之一。这样的员工效率更高,在工作中不容易偷懒,对公司的忠诚度也更高。这样一来,企业可以节省一大笔招聘和培训开支。



在全球化知识经济中,创新驱动增长。在许多行业,尤其是在数字行业,出色的想法是唯一的竞争优势。比如,通过精简和提高效率,Facebook 很快代替 MySpace 成为最流行的社交平台;Zipcar 拥有更多的创新产品,Avis 只能采取收购的方式来消除潜在的威胁。大多数情况下,公司并不需要员工提出惊天动地的想法或方案,但是如果员工对工作缺乏热情与投入,很难期待他们做出任何富有建设性和创新性的意见。不论是有意或是无意,如果员工无法全身心投入工作,他们的效率不会太高。


Leaders Have The Power To Help Their Teams Live Happier Lives!

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I wanted to share this video because I thought it had a great message, whilst we’re dying to live do we actually forget to live.

This is a great message for individuals, we should look to do things we love, and make the best of life, try and live a little bit each day.

But I […]

Whats The Connection Between Leadership And Service?

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A great friend of mine sent me this quote, and I think it’s a very simple reminder of what leadership is all about, and what you need to do to become a better leader.

It’s amazing how many people don’t see it this way; they see leadership as them being served by others, which totally […]

Don’t Give In To That Negative Self Talk!

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Being an Entrepreneur isn’t easy, and to be successful we need to have strong mindset.

We need to able able to stop the negative talk that we that can derail our dreams.

Here’s a great video that demonstrates the power of negative talk.

Keep the faith, keep positive and keep positive.

To check out the Start Up Entrepreneur […]

Setting Yourself Up For Success Through Student Leadership Roles

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Guest Post by Rachael Everly
College students have the unprecedented opportunity to struggle and bring out the best in them during their college year. They are constantly motivated to adopt leadership roles and gain first-hand experience which cannot be acquired from any other forum and are an essential ingredient in corporate success. Being active on campus […]

10 Tips to Help Prevent the Risk of Identity Theft

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Identity theft affects many millions of Americans on a daily basis. If you aren’t one of the more than 13 million victims from 2015, maybe you’re one of the over 12 million victims from the year prior. Even if not, there’s a very good chance you’ll get targeted even in just the next 5 […]