6 Tips For A First-Time Manager

6 Tips For A First-Time Manager
When you find yourself as a manager for the first time, it’s not uncommon to experience a few nerves. If you’ve risen up the ranks of the same company you could now be managing colleagues who used to be your peers. And if you’ve ventured to pastures new, you’ll be […]

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Empowerment => Accountability => Success

Empowerment leads to increased ownership and accountability and increased accountability leads to a higher level of success.

When you delegate tasks to your staff, they do not automatically assume that they are empowered to deliver them, often they need to be explicitly told that they are also empowered.
Without empowerment they don’t feel accountable for the task, […]

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Why Recognition Will Help You Drive Results


In far too many of the companies I have worked for they try to limit the amount of recognition they are willing to give to their staff, and they certainly don’t like to recognize effort. They honestly believe that you should not recognize people just for doing their job, as this exactly what they are […]

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Results Based Leadership: Complex Truth v Simple Lies

Results Based Leadership: Complex Truth v Simple Lies

I read a great article in The Guardian about Brexit and one of the points that it raised was about how difficult it is for Complex Truths to defeat Simple Lies. Now I don’t want to get into Brexit, as it’s a very divisive topic, but I do want to talk […]

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5 Traits of the Great Leaders

What is it that makes a great leader, what are the skills that help one person succeed where others fail. There are many qualities that leaders have but which are the ones that count. Which are the ones that differentiate is it charisma, drive, engagement, communication, authenticity, integrity, the list goes on.

In the book JACK […]

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FAST Approach To Achieving Success

As we approach the anniversary of the launch of FAST I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to read the first chapter to give you a taste of what FAST is, why it is important and how it can help you achieve more success. I have also included the forward by John Spence and the […]

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Delivering Results By Using Influence

Driving Results Through influence. In today’s world, you often have to manage services have outsourced to third parties and may be offshored, or you work in a virtual or matrixes organisation where people work remotely, or you have to lead people where you do not have direct control over them.

This is a difficult situation, especially if you started your […]

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FAST Approach To Increase Employee Engagement

Did you know that employee engagement in the US is currently running at around 32% and that this is negatively impacting the Economy by $450-$550B per annum in lost productivity?

With such huge losses isn’t it time that you do something to improve the situation, and do it FAST.

FAST is an approach I have created where you […]

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Understanding Empowerment

When ever I ask people about empowerment, everyone seems to know what it is, but when I did a little deeper into what does it mean, how do you implement it, that’s when things start to get a little bit sketchier.
There is a very big difference between knowing and understanding something. I know this from personal experience […]

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Results Based Leadership: Power of Win Win Scenarios

The Power of Win-Win in Results Based Leadership
Results should be the goal of every leader. As a leader, you’re not brought in to maintain the status quo, your job is to help the teams achieve their goals, and for that, you need to have a ‘results based leadership’ approach.

As a leader, you’re not brought in […]

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