Short Term Results Versus Sustainable Results

With the sacking of Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea manager, just one season after he’d won the Premier Leagues, looks like a clear case of results matter.

Ok, you won last season, but what have you done for me lately.

In sport, just as in business, it tends to be all about the bottom line results, and on […]

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How KFC Can Help Improve Your Performance

I’m reading a great book called Convince Them in 90 Seconds Or Less which is written by my good friend Nick Boothman and I was looking to write a blog post about how leaders can create rapport quickly, which is an important skill to develop, and that blog will be coming in the next few […]

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Why We Need To Fight Complexity!

Today I came across this quote from Tony Robbins, “Complexity is the enemy of execution”, and I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment.

In fact, I would go one further, I would say that complexity is the enemy of success, because if we cannot execute, then we definitely cannot be successful.

Complexity steals our focus, it’s impossible for […]

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Bring Me Solutions, Not Problems

If you want to get ahead, get recognised and be promoted, then one of the number one thing you can do, is it to become known as someone who brings solutions to your boss rather than problems.

Now I accept that you my not be able to solve every problem, but I do think that many […]

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Top 5 Mistakes New Leaders Make

It always feels great when we get offered our first leadership position, but we must not let this go to our head. The hard work starts once we are in position and too often first time leaders make mistakes that significantly impact their ability to succeed.

Here are 5 common mistakes that undermine first team leaders:

#1 […]

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FAST Approach Business Development

When it comes to business development, I always like to apply the FAST approach, especially Simplicity.

I think many people over complicate business development because in principle there are only 2 ways to increase business.

Increase Revenue from existing customers.
Revenue from new customers

Now I am sure that many will think, but what about adding new products or increasing […]

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Sales It’s All About Persistence

When it comes to sales I would tell you that it’s not my strong suit, I am not a great salesman.

However, when you look at the following sales statistics, you might be surprised by what you see!












Sales is all about persistence, that ability to continue when giving up feels like the best course of action.

Now […]

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What is Motivation?

Motivation is a curious thing. It seems to mean different things to different people, and these definitions vary widely in both the scope and scale. To some it seems that motivation covers everything including both Aspiration and Inspiration as well as motivation, to others it’s just about offering recognition for progress made and encouragement to […]

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The Benefits of Having a Coach

At the weekend I ran the West Palm Beach marathon, it was my 7th marathon, but this article is not about me, it’s about one of the people who is part of the local running group I train with at the Delray Beach Running Company.

At the running club they train people to run their first […]

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Guest Post – 12 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Employees Play

Guest Post by Liberty Games suggested by NeoMam Studios

The working environment can be a stressful place, where deadlines, heavy workloads and long hours take their toll. To counter this, some of the world’s biggest and most successful brands have turned to office games to motivate their employees.

Office games have been proven to reduce stress, increase […]

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