The Upside of Having Engaged Teams

Recently I have been writing and talking about the state of employee engagement in workplace, and the statistics are just staggering.  According to Gallup Research over 70% of the US workforce are either disengaged, or actively disengaged, which costs the US economy over $550b per year.

Which, to be honest, I just find very depressing, because […]

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Coaching Impact

Last week I wrote a short article about who my best ever coach was, and I talked about Julie Starr who was my first professional coach and I talked about the impact that she’d had on me and my thinking, and how she had really opened me up to possibility.

But actually having thought about it, […]

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FAST Leadership Show – Employee Engagement 2.0

Employee Engagement is probably the most significant issue facing businesses today. With 70% of employees disengaged the opportunities for improvement are significant.
Research has show that companies with engaged employees are 6% more profitable on average, than this who are not. Campbell soup have shown that over 10 years, by focusing on engagement that they have […]

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Why a Clear Goal Is Important

When I was a teenager my goal was to go to university. I worked hard, I studied hard and passed A Levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Further Maths, and won a place at Manchester University, where I chose to  study Chemical Engineering.

The fact that I had a clear goal to get to university motivated […]

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Self-Made Billionaire – Do You Have What It Takes?

Guest Post by Richard Madison, Marketing Executive of the Brighton School of Business and Management

‘Self-made billionaire – Do you have what it takes?’ In the infographic you will discover, for example, some of the personality traits that many self-made billionaires possess. This infographic highlights some rags-to-riches stories and showcases some of the top business tips […]

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Leading without a Title

Leadership is not a position its about the actions we take. If you need a title in order to lead or feel like a leader, then i have news for you, you’re not a real leader! Leadership is about actions, its about who we are, not what it says on our business card. On todays […]

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Why Setting Big Goals Is Important?

I always like to set big bold goals, and the reason for this is because it makes you think about things differently.

If you just look to increase or improve your performance by 5 or 10% you can often just continue doing, just what you’re doing and just making small improvements.

But if you want to increase performance […]

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Plant the Seed of Success Early!

I have set some bold goals for next year I want to run 4 marathons in 7 weeks, but to achieve a big goal like that I have to plan the seeds early. WE cannot achieve great success over night with little to no effort.

Orlando                  –  Jan […]

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Guest Post – The Pitfalls of Open Office Plans

Guest post from Reuben Yonatan. 

When open-plan offices first came on the scene, everyone expected great things. Improved collaboration and communication, better social engagement, increased accountability and transparency, and a huge boost in efficiency. Unfortunately, half a century later, none of those promised benefits have come true. In fact, there’s absolutely no evidence that an open-plan […]

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Mentoring is as old as the hills, its a practise that’s mentioned in Greek Mythology in the Odyssey. Mentoring is different to coaching and leading, it’s a special relationship in which wisdom is passed from one generation to the next. There are so many books on mentoring and I have read many of them, and […]

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