Great Leaders Take the Blame, Bad Leaders Look to Place the Blame.

One of the reasons people don’t like to take accountability is because it’s much easier to blame someone else if you’re not accountable.  It’s that simple.

But the reality is if you’re the leader, the manager, the person in charge then you are accountable there is no getting away from it.

Which means if your team is not […]

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FAST Interview on the ‘Bring It’ Show

Check out my interview Yakov Savitskiy on his Bring It Show

To listen to the show click here.

Show Notes

Where Gordon started learning about leadership
On building trust and respect as a leader
Why leadership is a marathon not a sprint
On leadership defining company culture
On the inside out process of leadership and the importance of personal […]

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5 Benefits of Starting Strong

I have always been a big fan of making a quick start and getting ahead of schedule.

Whether it be in sports, life or projects I have always been a fan of getting ahead, building up some momentum rather than taking it easy and then trying to catch up later on. In my experience the quicker […]

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Leadership Is a Contact Sport!

Given that leadership is all about people: getting the best out of them; inspiring them to go for big bold goals; motivating them to continue when the going gets tough; it’s clear to me, that leadership is a contact sport.

Which is why I find it so strange that many managers choose to remain in their […]

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10 Tips For Improving Your Emotional Intelligence And Being A Better Leader

When I was first promoted to a leadership position, I was so proud and yet so unprepared.

It was my technical skills that had gotten me the job, not my leadership skills, as these had barely had the chance to develop.

I remember my first day in this new role, one of my direct reports came to […]

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Growth Bomb Leadership Interview

Here’s my interview on the Growth Bomb, a podcast Series for Entrepreneurs.


Hope you enjoy it


If you’re looking for FAST Results, then email me at


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Guest Blog – Tips From Leading Business Icons On Dealing With Stress

Guest Post for the Make it Cheaper Blog as suggested by NeoMam.
Starting and running your own business comes with a certain amount of stress – that much is a fact of life. Some business owners may find it difficult to cope with high levels of stress, at the same time as working to keep their […]

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Is This The End of Annual Performance Reviews?

With the news that Accenture are to end the their annual performance review process, which was used to rank over 300,000 staff, is this the start of the end for this type of company-wide assessment?

Having worked for large corporations for the majority of my career I was involved in these processes which often took 3 to […]

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Thanks to Everyone Involved with FAST

Today my publisher Ken Dunn of Next Century Publishing informed me that we had just sold 10,000 advance copies of my next book FAST to one company.

This was a great honour and achievement, and I am truly humbled.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who was involved with the book, without whom non […]

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Guest Post – 7 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated

Guest Post on 7 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated by Pro Essay Writer.

Thanks to NeoMam Studios for sharing this with me,

Do you find yourself sitting at the office just staring out the window? Are you neglecting your personal and career goals?

Most likely, you lack motivation. How efficient and how happy you are at your job, depends […]

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