The Difference Between Generation Z and Millennials

There is a lot of talk about the fact that Millennials are now becoming the largest part of the work force and that they have different demands, and views on the work environment, and that businesses need to be able to respond in order to retain the best talent.

Here’s a study on the next generation, […]

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Are Student Loans Bringing Back Indentured Labour?

I feel lucky that I was born in the UK and at the time I went to university, not only were the tuition fees covered by the state, but that I also received grant to live on. Basically I was paid to go to college.

It was means tested, and I didn’t qualify for a full […]

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Why Every Company Needs a CRO?


CRO stands for Chief Recognition Officer and in my opinion every company should have one of these and ideally it should be a board member role.

Recognition is a basic desire, and it’s often stated that people crave recognition more than money. Yet so few companies do a good job of providing recognition to their staff.

We should […]

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The Buck Stops Here

As I watch the drama unfold at FIFA I find it incredulous that Sepp Blatter will still stand for election as president of the organisation for the 5th time, in the same week that these allegations unfold.

I am not suggesting that he is directly involved in the scandals that are currently being unveiled, as I […]

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Confidence – the Difference Between Success and Failure?

We often here the phrase mindset determines outcome.

Which is a great idea but it’s not 100% true.

I have always had a strong mindset about becoming the MVP of the National Basketball Association, but as a 54 year old, 5 foot 6 inch tall person – which for the NBA would be classed as very very […]

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Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions!

None of us really like, or look forward to feedback.

In fact many of us look to try and avoid it at all costs.

But without feedback we can never improve.

We need to understand how well we are doing; what the opportunities there are for improvement; which areas we could do better; and the only way to […]

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Risk Taking, Business Focus and Determination – 3 Keys to Success

I love this graphic from Inc 500, with the Gallup data on CEO traits.

I find it interesting that the three biggest traits of Inc. 500 CEOs are Risk Taking, Business Focus and Determination.

I am sure that there will be some who will be surprised that risk taking is the number one trait.

But risk taking isn’t […]

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Share Your Vulnerabilities, But Keep Your Fears To Yourself!

As leaders when we share our vulnerabilities it can help us build trust with our teams. But we need to be careful when we do this because being vulnerable is one thing, but sharing our fears is completely another.

As leaders our role is to provide direction, help build confidence and get our team from point […]

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FAST Radio – From Bud To Boss

The transition from team member to team leader is one of the toughest transitions of our career, and one we will need to make successfully if we want to have a career in Leadership. We have to move away from our strengths as an individual contributor to managing, which requires us to use different skills; […]

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The Upside of Having Engaged Teams

Recently I have been writing and talking about the state of employee engagement in workplace, and the statistics are just staggering.  According to Gallup Research over 70% of the US workforce are either disengaged, or actively disengaged, which costs the US economy over $550b per year.

Which, to be honest, I just find very depressing, because […]

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