Five Reasons You May Not Be As Influential As You Think You Are

You may not be as influential as you think you are. This may be a bold statement, especially because you don’t know me. But what if I’m right? Have you or your team ever considered how you, your message and the experience people have with you come across? 
Have you ever given thought as to how […]

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Leaders You Need To Handle Your Low Performers Quickly. Here’s Why!

One of the toughest jobs for leaders can be dealing with poor performers.

It’s never easy, and it’s rarely pleasant, for either party.

But if you don’t deal with them, and deal with them quickly, it can not only be bad for teams performance but also bad for your reputation too.

Here are three reasons why you need to address poor performers quickly.
Sign […]

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Achieving Success as a Freelance Consultant

It is no secret that advances in digital technology have made remote working an increasingly routine aspect of a growing number of jobs. Yet for some, that is only the first step in achieving independence and the perfect work life balance, as more people than ever are taking the plunge and leaving paid employment to set up on […]

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Want to Be A Great Leader? Then Adopt These 9 Habits!

During my career, I must have spent thousands of hours reading books on leadership and leaders, on attending training sessions, and studying management and leadership.  I learned a lot of things which have worked and made me a better leader, many that didn’t and several I should have just avoided.

I’ve led large complex programs, worked in difficult, high-pressure […]

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Four Tips to Help You Learn Faster

One of the twelve common traits of successful traders as well as businessmen is the ability to learn new things quickly. Teaching yourself new things though requires good memory skills. According to experts, our short-term memory can hold seven items for about 20-30 seconds. The hippocampus then analyses our short-term memories to determine if they will be […]

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5 Things You Need to Know Before You Sell a Business

Selling a business is a lot more complicated than selling a house or a car. There’s a lot of people and a lot of documents involved in the process. The worst thing you can do is walk in underprepared and overwhelmed at the prospect of seeing the process through to the end. The more you […]

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10 Bad Habits That Can Kill A Promising Career

Too many people think that just being good at your job is enough to get you promoted. They think that talent is enough to make it to the top.

But surely, if you are good enough people will put up with some of the bad that comes with the package.

We’re not all perfect, are we?

The truth is, it’s often the small […]

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How to Build a Successful Team for Your Business

Teams win, and that’s no secret. Look at the success achieved by cozy startups. The right team makes all the difference in the world, and if you’ve brought all of the correct people together, even the smallest group is capable of moving a mountain. Assembling a dream team isn’t easy, and there are a lot […]

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6 Things Startup Investors Want to See

Your startup venture may require a significant amount of capital in order to launch successfully. These funds may be used for everything from paying overhead until the company turns a profit to purchasing equipment, inventory, facility space and more.

If you are launching a new venture, you understandably may be nervous about raising capital for your […]

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Millennials and the Future of Remote Work

The Millennial workforce is working from home more and more. This trend has been growing for years and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. A recent study from Polycom shows that almost a full third of employees around the globe are regularly working remotely. Close to two-thirds have some sort of flexible work schedule. […]

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