These are some of the coaches which have inspired me during my professional career.

coach Julie1Julie Starr

“Julie provided coaching for myself and other Directors at DHL Prague as part of our personal development programmes. Julie demonstrates excellent integrity and builds strong trust based relationships which are essential to any coaching relationship. Julie’s skilled, honest, committed to improvement and straight talking. Some of the discussions can be quite hard, especially when dealing with your personal faults and weaknesses, but Julie remains gentle but firm and helps drive to resolution or a better understanding so that you can work to address the issues. For anyone looking for a coach i would highly recommend Julie, but be prepared for some tough discussions. I would also recommend Julie for any company looking to improve the quality of its management team, their team work and their management approach.”

coach Mark McGregor1
Mark McGregor

Mark is without doubt one of the best Leadership coaches i have had the pleasure of working with. His has an engaging high energy style which can be felt within the organization weeks after he has departed. Is approach is simple, easy to understand and direct. With his help we have completely transformed the organization to create High Performing Team which continually exceeds its goals. After one session with Mark, and seeing the impact he made, we immediately made him our team coach and he has run sessions with the extended leadership team (60 people) every 4-6 months. He has not only helped us with the transformation towards a high performance culture, but the transformed my senior team from managers to leaders. On a personal note, if i had to run a marathon – something i would detest – i would hire mark to be my personal coach, not only would he drive me to do it, run better than i felt possible, but he would also ensure that i enjoyed the experience.

kellie  kuecha
Kellie Kuecha

When it comes to monetization you want to work with the best, for me that was Kellie , and it was why I moved from Germany to Florida, so that i could work closely with her, and to be able to attend events such as Monetize Method 2 Day Intensive. Her laser-like focus, and insights are invaluable, and I am really enjoying learning from her in her Millionaire Roundtable program and bringing my FAST Leadership concept to the global market. There is no silver bullet when it comes to monetization, it requires hard work, but with Kellie’s wisdom and insight, I am kept Focused, Accountable, she keeps it Simple and ensures I have the Transparency to pull it all together!

coach Phil Lee1
Phil Lee

 I’ve known Phil for over 30 years and in that time i have seen him harvest the knowledge he picked up during his 8 years in the Coldstream Guards,  in successfully setting up and running his own businesses, to become an outstanding Leadership and Motivational coach. Phil’s approach is direct, pragmatic, results focused, easy to understand and implement. His enthusiasm is infectious and he has the ability to motivate large organisations in the most difficult of circumstances. I have had many one-on-one sessions with Phil and he always brings a different perspective which has helped remove roadblocks or highlighted alternative approaches.