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Gordon teaches companies and individuals simple, powerful and proven techniques that deliver amazing results FAST!

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What my clients are saying:

“Gordon is a great speaker and motivator. He speaks from his hands-on experience providing excellent insights that bring value to the listener. Simple, clear, pragmatic messages that are easy to understand, and more importantly easy to share with our teams.”

Venketesh Rao, Accenture Managing Director

“Gordon is an engaging, thought-provoking keynote speaker in the operational excellence domain. I highly recommend him for his practical, no-nonsense take on how to focus your company and resources on the activities that matter. He has a unique ability to weave simple messages into inspirational, memorable and humorous stories of failure – or successful learning.”

Maria Thompson, Global Process Innovation Director, ITW Innovation Centres

“Simply brilliant! I have listened to Gordon’s presentation of the FAST framework and the combination of content and style is remarkable. I loved every bit of the 40 minutes. In fact, the entire audience would have wanted more time to ask questions and discuss on a deeper level, as well as enjoy the simple and powerful way of delivering the very relevant message.”

Domenico Dargenio, Digital Transformation Director, Wartsila.

“Gordon spoke at our Narrative Summit in Cairo and the feedback we got from our audience confirmed that he is an exceptionally talented speaker. Gordon has a fun, engaging and authentic style which allows audiences to connect with him easily. That coupled with his sharp insights, left the audience feeling empowered, inspired and ready to implement the tips that Gordon shared with them.

From an Organizers perspective Gordon is a dream to work with, he puts the audience first, and he’s very responsive, flexible and always looking for ways to add value. I would highly recommend any organizers looking for a great speaker for their next conference to reach out and check on Gordon’s availability.”

Lamia Kamel, Managing Director, Corporate Communications Plus.


“Thank you for such engaging discussions at the AZ Dept of Child Safety. The buzz continued over the next several days as many incorporated FAST in their goal and objectives. “S”(simplicity) really helped my team decompose the issues at hand.”

Linda Jewell, CIO Arizona Department of Child Safety

“Gordon Tredgold is the new Speaker of the Year as far as I’m concerned. He is clear, concise, and gives a great presentation. He’s engaging, and every time I hear him speak I learn something. He over delivers to his audience every time. His FAST method can make a huge improvement to every leader and business. His speaking ability makes his products easy to understand and he over delivers on value. I highly recommend Gordon as the keynote speaker to go after!.”

Susan Foster, Executive Coach and Business Strategist, Susan Foster Coaching

People are not afraid of hard work, they are afraid of failing.

Gordon delivers inspiring keynotes that give people the keys to their powerful successful future.

He is the perfect balance between insightful and practical; entertaining and result-focused; fun and empowering. He has the talent to show people how they are going to succeed, so they become inspired, excited and raring to get to work!

As an Inc. Magazine Top 100 Leadership Expert and Speaker, critically acclaimed author, and 25-year veteran of leading Transformational Change for Fortune 100 companies, Gordon blends deep, real-world business experience with razor sharp insights.

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Secret to Big Success? Aim High, Start Small, Celebrate, Rinse & Repeat!

Gordon has the unique ability to assess complex situations, determine what can be done differently and then create simple, easy to understand, easy to implement solutions which deliver sustainable results FAST.

Focusing on turnarounds, operational excellence, transformational change and strategic implementation, Gordon loves identifying simple methodologies that can be quickly implemented, and generate immediate benefits for your team members, customers, and the company.

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FAST: 4 Principles Every Business Needs to Achieve Success and Drive Results

Business and leadership in general are fast changing worlds. But too often policies, procedures, and bureaucracy can slow necessary changes to a crawl, and negatively affect a company’s bottom line.

Enter FAST.

FAST is a revolutionary approach to leadership that simplifies exactly what is needed in order to be successful. FAST is straightforward pragmatic leadership―and your life.

CMI Management Book of the Year Finalist

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FAST Method

RESULTS. Everyone wants them but they take time and a lot of effort.

Or do they?

Big successes really just occur from the accumulation of small successes. However, most people don’t realize that the fastest way to extraordinary results is to be committed to the “routine of success.”

Once you understand and commit to this routine, everything starts to happen, including FAST™ and sustainable results.

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