10 Great Leadership Questions

Here are 10 great leadership questions to ask yourself, to better understand your leadership. In a subsequent post I will provide my answers, but I decided to just post the questions without answers so you could give some thought to how you would respond.

The more we know about ourselves the better the leader we can become

1.   What does being an “effective” or “successful” leader mean to you?

2.  What has been the biggest test of your leadership ability? What have you learned as a
result of this challenge?

3.  How do you handle it when you’ve done something wrong?

4.  What are you afraid of? Does that fear impact what type of leader you are?

5.  In terms of being a leader, what risks have you taken recently? How did they turn out?
     What did you learn about yourself by taking the risk?

6.  What causes you stress?

7.  What ethical or moral issues do you anticipate encountering in your leadership role?
     How well prepared do you think you are for dealing with these issues?

8.  What does being fair mean to you? And how do your actions back up that belief?

9.  How do I lead from my core values? What changes can I make to lead more consistently
from my values?

10. What is one cause you have a passion for? What are you doing to incorporate this into
your role as a leader?

Gordon Tredgold

#Leadership Principles