10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Leadership Today

We’re always looking for ways we can do a better job, well here are 10 tips for leaders that will improve your leadership today!

Be Confident
When you’re confident it inspires confidence in others. It will encourage people to follow you, and it will help set an expectation that you will be successful, and when we expect success it increases our chances of success.

Be Passionate
When we are passionate about our jobs it shows that we care, and when we show that we care this can clearly be seen by our customers and by our teams. It shows that we believe that what we are doing is important, and this will have a positive impact on how we are perceived by our customers and the actions of our teams.

Put Your Team First
Let your team know that any success will be because of their hard work, and let them know that your job is to support them in achieving that success.  This will increase the teams commitment. When bosses put their own success ahead of the teams, this creates resentment in our teams and impacts their commitment. So put your team first and increase their commitment.

Encourage Feedback
No one has cornered the market in good ideas and especially not leaders. Collectively we know significantly more than an individual. So solicit feedback and ideas from your teams, it will make them feel respected and they will respect you all the more in return.

Keep Things Simple
The simpler we can keep things the higher the probability of their success. There is a strong tendency to over complicate things, and the more complex a solution the higher the risk of failure. So keep things simple, and if you use complex solutions find ways to explain them simply, they will be more easily understood, and the better our understanding, the higher the probability of success.

Be The Example
The leader sets the tone for the entire organisation, so set the example for the culture that you want within your organisation. People follow the leaders lead, so if you looks to blame people then you will create a blame culture. If you want a culture of respect, then look to respect the people in your team.

Delegate Important Tasks
Don’t just delegate the simple and mundane tasks, occasionally delegate the important tasks, your team will feel valued.

Recognise Peoples Efforts
What we recognise gets repeated, so creating a culture of recognition is a great way to build a winning culture. We should start with recognising the little things and then keep continually raising the bar. It’s amazing how much performance can be improved with just a little recognition.

Be Approachable
People want to work for a boss that they like and respect, and its difficult for them to get to know you if you’re not approachable. Find time to speak with people, sharing your thoughts and letting them get to know you a little.

Be Open and Honest
This is the quickest way to build trust within our teams, and trust is the bedrock of leadership.

If you follow these 10 simple and straightforward tips you will see your leadership significantly improve.

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles