10 Ways You Can Motivate Your Employees

As a team leader or manager, part of your role is motivating your employees. How you do this though is not clear though, as every team is different and so has different needs. How do you motivate them to get the most out of them every day? Here are 10 ways you can motivate them and keep them working to their best ability.

  1. Show Your Confidence

The best way to instill confidence in your team is to show that you have confidence in them. Give them the space they need to work to their best abilities. Listen to their ideas, and let them take charge of jobs and projects when you can. A team that knows their manager trusts them will get a lot more done than one that’s always being micromanaged.

  1. Get Advice From Other Leaders

There’s nothing like advice from others who have been there before you. Take a look at sites such as Inc, and see what others have to say. They’ll have ideas that you won’t have thought of before, and they’ll be tried and tested. Give their methods a go and see how they motivate your employees.

  1. Ask For Their Input

You can’t motivate the employees you have if you don’t know what motivates them. Call a meeting, or ask in the group chat, what would help them do better at work. You may be surprised by the answers you get. They know themselves better than anyone else, so ask them what you can do, and follow through with it. You’re sure to see good results if you do this, as you’re showing them you care about their performance.

  1. Communicate Effectively

Many employees find it difficult to stay motivated when they’re not sure what’s wanted of them. If you ensure you’re communicating well, then this shouldn’t happen. Be clear about what you need, and express your needs effectively. There are plenty of tools online that can help you do this. State Of Writing is an excellent communication tool, recommended by the Huffington Post.

  1. Set Smaller Goals

You have large goals that you need to meet, maybe every quarter, or every year. They make sense to you, but to your team, they can feel like a lot of pressure. Instead, try breaking it down into smaller goals. For example, try setting a smaller weekly goal. It’ll be easy to achieve, and it’ll keep your team feeling upbeat and ready to face new challenges. A service like Elite Assignment Help or UK Top Writers can help you create goals that make sense.

  1. Be Positive

Have you ever worked under someone who’s always negative, and made you feel as though your work was never good enough? Everyone’s been there, and they remember how bad it was. You don’t want to be that person. Be positive in your outlook, and share that outlook with your staff. They’ll appreciate that you’re being sunny (within reason) and will find it much easier to work with you.

  1. Be Transparent

‘The worst thing you can do is not share what you’re thinking with your team’ says HR manager Janet Green from Revieweal. ‘They know that you’re not sharing everything with them, and it will create a rift.’ Instead, be honest about what’s going on. Your team will appreciate you keeping them in the loop, and it will help them feel valued.

  1. Give Opportunities

Your staff are ambitious, and they have their own goals they want to achieve. Maybe they want to move up in the company, or they want to start working on their own projects. You won’t know what that is though unless you ask them. Find out what their goals are and help them achieve them.

  1. Give Incentives

Incentives are a great way of helping your team achieve more when they’re at work. They offer a small but attainable goal, that anyone can achieve. These incentives don’t have to expensive either. You can offer a half day off, gift cards, cinema tickets, and so on. Think about what incentives your team would like most, and offer them for achieving certain tasks. They’re great when you’re looking to reach a certain target or deadline.

  1. Lead By Example

You’re the team leader, so show your team what it means to stay motivated. Show enthusiasm for your job, and excitement for the goals you’re looking to meet. If you’re doing this, your team will follow you in enthusiasm. The best managers always lead by example, so try this for yourself.

These are just 10 ways you can motivate your employees. There are many more, so think about your team and what will work for them. You want them to be excited about work, so give them a reason to come in every day and give it everything they’ve got.

Rachel Summers is a social media manager for many different companies, such as Australian Reviewer, a leading writing company. She helps smaller companies create their social media strategies, and helps manage those of larger firms.