20 Questions for Leaders 7&8/20 Core Values

From 20 Questions for Leaders:

I have decided to answer questions 7&8 together as they are interrelated.

How do you or other leaders in your organization communicate the “core values”?
How do you encourage others in your organization to communicate the “core values”?

Invariably  in most companies I have worked in, the “core values” have been very well communicated, either by big launches in case of new “core values”, or by poster campaigns, flyers, mugs and business cards, etc., etc,.

I think this is a good way of informing people what the ‘core values’ should be, but the best way to really communicate them is to live them.

We need to create the right example, be a role model for what the ‘core values’ are, what they mean and how they should be lived.

I also believe that we should encourage others in the organization to communicate them in exactly the same way, as role models who live the “core values”.

If we don’t do this, then we can have the ‘core values’ tattooed on the foreheads of all our staff, so that everyone can see them every day, but this will not make them lived or supported.

It’s walking the talk, which brings the talk to life, not talking the talk.

So thats my opinion, how do you communicate your ‘core values’ and how do you encourage your staff to communicate them? I’d really be interested to know.