20 Questions for Leaders 18/20 – Leadership Insights

From 20 Questions for Leaders:

What are a few resources you would recommend to someone looking to gain insight into becoming a better leader?

Rather than just limit my answer to just a few resources, I will tell you the approach that I take, and then tell you some of the resources that I would recommend.

My approach to my leadership:

  • I read extensively on Leadership, not just the well known authors but also some of the other lesser known ones, there are great ideas on leadership to be found everywhere, and not just from business leaders but also other areas such as politics, sports, military history etc.
  • I take a lot of on line assessments to better understand my own my own strengths, weaknesses, preferences, etc. We need to know and understand ourselves before we can understand others. Try this http://www.123test.com/disc-personality-test/
  • I try to understand different the leadership styles, which works best in which situation, and I try to understand what my style of leadership is.
  • Watch Leadership Videos on Youtube, there are plenty of them.

If I could only choose 3 authors, then the ones I like best are:

Ken Blanchard: Gung Ho, Raging Fans, One Minute Manager, etc

Jim Colling: Good to Great, Built to Last

Stephen Covey: 7 Habits of highly effective people, 8th Habit, etc.

I would finish by saying that Leadership is a journey, not a destination, we never stop learning.

What about you what resources do you recommend?