20 Questions for Leaders 9/20 Vision

From 20 Questions for Leaders:

Do you set aside specific times to cast vision to your employees and other leaders?

Every year we have a strategy conference where we provide details on the vision, the targets associated with that vision, for the current year, and then discuss how we will achieve those targets, and what the challenges and opportunities are.

This meeting usually involves the next two levels of management, probably totalling around 60 staff or so, we hold it over 2-3 days and include team building and networking opportunities.

The messages are kept clear, simple and easy to understand, this is to ensure that there is no ambiguity, and that everyone knows what our focus is.

It’s then expected that the managers will transport the messages to their teams, so that we can try and communicate the vision throughout the entire organisation.

We then hold quarterly town hall meetings, where we share the vision & targets again and communicate the progress against them.

This continual communication of vision, targets and progress really helps to embed them within the organisation and help maintain the focus on the objectives.

What’s you approach to communicate the vision to your teams?