Recognizing what’s important.

Recognition is a powerful motivator. It costs us nothing and has a tremendous impact on morale, engagement and productivity; and anything that can help us improve all…
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Small Words, Big Returns.

Having just spent one week in Asia and another in the North America visiting the regional teams, I am reminded just how much Leadership is about meeting…
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No Mananas

Putting things off until tomorrow is a potential first step on the road to failure. We should look to make progress on every single day that it's…
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Return on Investment

In business, one of the key metrics is Return on Investment, or ROI as its more commonly called. What ROI focuses on is the difference between what…
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Interruption or Opportunity?

Like many, I try to operate an Open Door policy. Someone once asked me if it was successful, I said, “I don’t know, I never try to…
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Beware of Sibling Rivalries.

When we are looking at transforming an organization into a high performing organization, not all of our teams are going to progress at the same rate towards…
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I love the data.

If you want to create a high performance culture, then it needs accurate performance measurements. The organization needs clearly defined KPIs that are: Aligned with what’s important…
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Be the change you want to see!

As I sit here watching the New Zealand All Blacks play the South African Springboks, I am reminded of the film Invictus. This is the film about…
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Attitude v Aptitude

Aptitude is the about having the ability, talent or competency to do a particular task or job. Attitude is all about belief, mindset and determination to do…
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