Faster, Better, and Cheaper is it possible?

There is a saying “Faster, Better, Cheaper pick any two!” The implication being that it’s not possible to deliver all three together. This defeatist attitude probably often…
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AIM for Success!

AIM: Aspiration; Inspiration; and Motivation. These are three key elements we need to fire up in order to improve our drive for success. It all starts with…
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There is no post today, why is that?

Well, my wife read yesterday’s blog and said I needed to practice some of these leadership principles at home, before I write any more. What happened was,…
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What does Success look like?

The are so many reasons why it’s important for us to define what Success looks like: If you don’t know what Success looks like, how will you…
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The beauty of simplicity

It’s often thought that complex problems require complex solutions, but this is not strictly true. I remember the story where it was claimed that NASA were having…
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Is organizational structure important?

In many organizations we spend a significant amount of time reviewing the organisational structure, tweaking it, changing it, or completely reorganising it completely. Over the last 20…
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The Power of Win-Win-Win

If you can create Win-Win situations in all areas, there is no limit to the success that can be achieved. When we create win-win scenarios this means…
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Motivation not demotivation!

Leaders often talk about the importance of motivating people. However, in many instances where the teams are not performing, this has been because the teams have been…
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Developing the next generation of Leaders

As a leader one of my key responsibilities is: to develop the people who work with me; to push them to new heights; and to develop the…
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