Performance Appraisals

As we enter the season of performance appraisals it's important to remember how critical these are to creating a winning culture. If we get these right, then…
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Building a Diverse Organisation.

How do we build a diverse organisation? For me, it all has to start at Corporate. We need a diverse Corporate organisation, if we do not have…
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Importance of Diversity

Diversity is key to our evolution as it brings new flavors in to our existing mix. Without diversity we can be one dimensional. As a male, white,…
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Diversity and Inclusion

I have been asked to provide some thoughts on diversity. This is a huge topic, so I thought I would start off by talking about inclusion. I…
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Tradition or stagnation.

In practically all companies that I have worked when you ask the question why do we do something the way we do it, you get the answer,…
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Hero’s and Influences.

I was asked the other day, who was my biggest influence in a leadership context. I thought about it for a couple of minutes and I have…
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My first job, success or failure?

My first job straight out of University was as a Production Manager in Textile Wallcovering Factory based in Leeds. We basically produced very expensive wallpaper, where threads…
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Efficient V Effective.

There is a big difference between being efficient and being effective. When we are efficient, it means that we complete our tasks with the minimum amount of…
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Motivation but….

When it comes to motivating people we need to focus only on positives messages in order to maximise the impact. Too often I have heard leaders say,…
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