Mistakes, are they really a learning opportunity?

I've written a few posts on mistakes recently and their importance on our learning. But it occurred to me that we only ever learn from our own…
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Why we need to fail

Excellent video from Derek Sivers on the benefits of failure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhxcFGuKOys
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When you’re going through hell…keep going!

This is one of my favourite quotes and it comes from Winston Churchill, “when you’re going through hell, keep going”. It’s such an easy idea, but when…
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The Art of Winning.

I have written so many articles on the subjects of Winning Culture, Success and creating Win-Win scenarios, etc., I am sure that many of you probably think…
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No mistakes, no progress.

Everyone knows that we learn from our mistakes and that they are a necessary part of our development process. However, how many companies have you worked for…
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Is leadership over rated? Is it the followers who are…

Excellent video showing how movements happen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V74AxCqOTvg
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Self-deception limits responsibility.

In relationships, both good and bad, we need to understand our impact and take responsibility for the outcomes and the state of the relationship. In good relationships,…
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The power of belief

A good friend posted this link and in 5 minutes i think it demonstrates the power of belief in our selves, the power of believing something is…
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Leadership and Self-Deception

I was recommend a book called "Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box" by The Arbinger Institute. This is an excellent book, it shows how by…
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