Inspiration - where does it come from? One of the things that has really surprised me, as I have gone through my running a Marathon journey, is…
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Celebrate Success

We need to celebrate in order to recognise the achievement, because what we recognise we repeat. It's also an opportunity to thanks those indirectly involved. In our…
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Success is a journey, not the destination.

This is a phrase that many of you will have heard before, I know I have, and it’s something that I believed but couldn’t really explain. However,…
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More than just an Assistant

A dear friend asked me to write a post on Assistants in honour of Administrative Assistants week. It's only in the last 6 years that I have…
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Knowing Wrong from Right

    As leaders we often we have to make decisions, sometimes tough decisions. The expectation is that we will look to make the right decision, but…
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Informal Leadership

As we start our careers it’s unlikely that our first job will be a leadership position, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot look to become informal…
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Power of Recognition

As I sit and watch the London Marathon and listen to the people participating, it's clear the power that recognition has, on pushing the runners towards their…
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Self Doubt

Self doubt is one of the biggest obstacles that we have to overcome in order to be successful. Firstly, self doubt can actually stop us from trying,…
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How to Control Your Employees!

One of the questions someone asked me to cover in my blog was, "how to make people listen and act as the manager wants". Well this has the…
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