Does Leadership Exist in Civilian Society Anymore?

Guest post from Sean Turk, giving a view on leadership from the newest generation. If you like what Sean has to say you can read more at…
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Doing the Right Thing

Someone asked me, how do you make the right decision, each and every time. Well in reality, this isn't possible. You can only make the decisions you…
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Alexander the Great

I have been going to write a post on Alex Ferguson for some time, but as a Leeds United fan, it is hard to write something positive…
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How to Live Happily

I was surprised when I asked, what topics I should write about, someone suggested "how to live happily in the world". Not sure whether this is a…
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Decisions, decisions, decisions, as leaders some days it seems as though we do nothing but make decisions. Important decisions, tough decisions or even trivial decisions they are…
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Thought Leaders

What is a Thought Leader? A Thought Leader is someone who creates a quantum leap in our thinking, or changes completely the direction in which conventional thinking…
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Today's post is a guest post from Luke Feldbrugge, I read this story and was very touched by the story of how he was influenced as a…
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Do Unto Others, As You Would have Done Unto You.

I was thinking about who was the best boss I ever had, what was it that I liked about them, and then asked myself did I do…
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Sieze the day!

Let’s make today the day, that we will set our selves a new goal, or make the first move on a goal that we have always dreamed…
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