Someone mentioned to me today how funny it is when there is a collection for a birthday, and you see what people donate.  More often than they…
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Work Smarter not Harder

There is a limit to how hard we can work, there is only 24 hours per day and we cannot create time. If we want to achieve…
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Great Video on Emotional Intelligence

Have a look at this great video on emotional intelligence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpksAWfWlSo&feature=youtu.be
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السلطة الرسمية مقابل الغير رسمية – Formal V Informal Authority

 السلطة الرسمية مقابل الغير رسمية في كثير من الأحيان يسألني البعض ما الفرق بين السلطة الرسمية والسلطة غير الرسمية وأيهما أكثر أهمية. عندما تتم ترقية شخص لمنصب…
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Formal v Informal Authority

People often ask me whats the difference between formal and informal authority and which do I feel is more important. Whenever someone is promoted to a Leadership…
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My articles on "Worst Boss Ever" and Best Boss Ever" have lead to lots of interesting discussions and raised a lot of good points. One of my…
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The impact of Bad Bosses

It amazing the impact that bad bosses have on people and their morale. I have just written two posts, one on the worst boss I ever had,…
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Best Boss I Ever Had

Having written about the worst boss I ever had, I thought I would balance things out a little with an article about the best boss I ever…
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Worst Boss I Ever Had

I thought I would write a post today about the worst boss I ever had. I am sure many people think they know who that will have…
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