Are You Leading or Managing?

Leadership and Management are two completely different, although related, activities; and many people who want to be leaders, and think they are leaders, are actually just managing.…
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Are You Fit To Lead?

As Leaders one of our roles is to energise our organisations into action. We can do this in many ways one of which is by example, by…
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Where Are Todays Inspiring Leaders?

We have just celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jrs 'I have a dream speech', and I this has gotten me thinking about Inspiring Leaders,…
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I Have a Dream

50 years ago today Martin Luther King Jr gave the "I have a dream speech", which inspired an entire generation. I was going to right a post…
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How To Influence Without Authority

In todays world where many services are outsourced to third parties, or we work in a virtual or matrixes organisation; we often have to lead people where…
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Why Self-Belief Is Important

I am often asked why Self-Belief is important and why I am constantly pushing people to increase their own Self-Belief. The answer is very simple, if you…
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I have three key Leadership Principles, I use to achieve Major Goals, and these are Simplicity, Transparency and Focus. Whilst I think Simplicity and Focus are fairly…
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You Can Fool Others, But You Can’t Lie To Yourself

One of the things that defines Integrity, is how we act in private, when no one else is looking; when no one can see what we think…
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Big Thanks To Everyone Who Made This Possible

Today Leadership Principles is one year old. It's been an absolute pleasure for me, much easier than I thought it would be, and this is very much…
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