7 KEY TIPS TO DEAL WITH STRESS AT WORK The world has become more advanced with technology, making it possible for people to connect without ever travelling.…
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Increasing Productivity & Engagement

Often when we talk about increasing productivity, what we really mean is that people should just work harder. This is not really a motivating concept, because what…
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Involved versus Committed

The classic comment about the difference between involvement and commitment is regarding the role of the Pig and the Chicken in the Egg and Bacon Breakfast. The…
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L’Amour Coriace – Part 2

Lorsque j'écrivais l'article sur "l'amour coriace" ou "l'amour qui secoue" la semaine dernière, c'était pour évoquer la manière dont on doit quelques fois "secouer, voire "bousculer" les…
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Tough Love – Part 2

When I wrote the article on Tough Love last week -  about how sometimes we have to push our teams hard in order to get them to…
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Giving Feedback

When it comes to giving feedback we need to remember that the process is supposed to be beneficial to the person receiving it. They should be able…
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Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Sometimes we are so involved in a situation, or we are under so much pressure that we can't see the forest because of all of the trees,…
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My Interview on the Raising Your Game show

I had the pleasure to be interviewed on the 'Raising Your Game' show on Malaysian Business Radio. The interview was about my Leadership Principles, and also on…
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Crime Doesn’t Pay, But Banking Certainly Does!

I find it unbelievable that the banks continually get away with what can only be called criminal activity. Today US bank JP Morgan Chase has agreed to…
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