Inspiring Leader, Tyrant or Both?

Having just watched the film Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher in the lead role, it would be fair to say that Jobs could be described as both…
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Interview with Dorit

If you want to catch my Interview with Dorit, you can find it below. http://vimeo.com/80412286 Gordon Tredgold Leadership Principles.    
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Sense of Direction

I love this video by Monty Python, I think its a great example of what can happen when we lack focus. I always say, "if we don't…
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Why Winning Culture is Important

As a sports fan I spent much of the weekend watching games on the TV, and given that one of my major passions is rugby it was…
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Can Anyone Really Be A Leader?

One question that I am repeatedly asked is "Can anyone really be leader?" My answer to this question is always YES! Anyone can be a Leader. For me…
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Leader in a Crisis

I am watching the First Test of the England Australia ashes series where England were overwhelming favourites and are looking for their fourth consecutive series victory Australia.…
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Where Have All The Leaders Gone!

On the 50th anniversary of the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, I ask myself, where are the great leaders of today, who has picked up that  and…
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Harness the Fear!

Having decided to follow my dream I look to see how I measure up with AIM. AIM stands for Aspiration, Inspiration and Motivation which are three key…
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What’s The Best Approach To Managing Change

When it comes to Change Management, people often don't understand the impact that changes can have upon the people. We are all human beings and we are…
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