The Art of Leadership

The Art of Leadership by Toufik Alami. Leadership has been studied for about 150 years, and many conducted studies have shown that there are many different definitions…
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Finding a Way To Achieve Your Goals

One of my hero's is Diana Nyad, who's goal was to swim from Cuba to Miami. So not a small goal. A goal that required her to…
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2014 Goals

At this time of year we start to think about our goals for the next year, even if it's just our New Years Resolutions, these are still…
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Why Persistence in an Important Quality for Leaders?

Persistence is a great quality and one that we should all look to nurture. The ability to hold on or to get back up after we have…
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Think Big, No I Mean Really Big

As we come to the end of 2013 and I look back over the year, looking at all I have achieved, the goals I have set, the…
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Difference Between Real Friends and Acquaintances

Yesterday I was out for dinner with my wife when I was approached by someone, as it turned out it was someone I hadn't seen for nearly…
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Stress, Who is to Blame?

Stress is one of the most destructive forces in nature, and it can bring even the strongest to their knees. There are many causes of stress, it…
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Leadership Courage

I have just been watching (re-watching if truth be told) the movie Moneyball. I have to say it is one of my favourite films, not only is…
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Dealing with Low Performers

One of our obligations as leaders is dealing with low performers. It's not easy, in fact I would say it is one of the more difficult parts…
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