Principled Leadership

With the death of Tony Benn, a famous Labour politician, it got me thinking about principled leadership. Whilst many will not agree with the ideas that Tony…
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What’s The Problem You’re Trying to Solve?

Having attended CeBIT yesterday and speaking on a panel about Big Data, I was reminded of one of the key questions, as leaders, that we need to…
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What Ever Happened To Customer Service?

Is it just me or is customer services just tumbling to an unacceptable levels? Today I tried to contact my bank after being told when I tried…
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Your Comfort Zone Is Not Your Friend!

Our comfort zones are like a nice warm bath, or a comfy sofa, they are designed to make us relax, kick back and forget about our troubles.…
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Institute of Leadership and Management

Today I am attending a meeting of the Fellows of the Institute of Leadership and Management. This will be a great opportunity to share ideas and thoughts…
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Are Our Limitations Set By Our Beliefs?

Many people think that our limitations are externally set, and therefore there is nothing that we can do to change them or to exceed what we thought…
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