Interview with Mario van Vliet – Holland.

As part of the promotion for a FAST Leadership Workshop which will be run in Holland, I was interviewed by Mario van Vliet Holland Bureau Mocca, about my…
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Around The World in 80 Tweets

Today I was having a conversation on both Facebook with a friend in Udaipur, and at the same time was tweeting with someone who was in Kenya,…
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PodCast – Giving Feedback

Podcast - Giving Feedback. When we give feedback its supposed to be a constructive experience for the person receiving the feedback, not an opportunity to criticise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyQtxiYxYxA…
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Can Too Much Simplicity Really Increase Complexity and Costs?

We live in a world where it seem to become more and more complex every single day, and given that we also have a tendency to over…
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Podcast – Sustainable Success

Podcast - Sustainable Success It's the responsibility of the leadership to create sustainable success. Every leader should be looking to the long term ensuring that the success continues…
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FAST Leadership and it’s Impact on Staff Retention

One of the biggest challenges that we face in business is staff retention. It's costly, it's disruptive to our business, and its has a significant impact on…
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Podcast – I’m Too Busy To Follow My Dreams

Podcast -  I'm Too Busy To Follow My Dreams   Click here for the podcast     Gordon Tredgold #Leadership Principles
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Guest Post – Understanding the Leader/Organisation Relationship

  Leader-organisation Inter-face Successful leaders promote personal agenda along with organisation’s h.k.shivdasani (This article is edited extract from author’s just released book Leadership, Fame and Self-actualization) While…
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So You Want To Be a Leader?

When it comes to being recognised and noticed as a potential leader the key point here is visibility. It doesn't matter how good you are or what…
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