Importance of the Right Cultural Fit

In this video  I am going be explaining why it's important to get the right cultural fit in order to achieve your goals.   http://youtu.be/ZJ4zT5kLbGs   Gordon…
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Leadership and Accountability

When it comes to leadership, if you want to know who's to blame when we make mistakes or fail, check out my video. http://youtu.be/4IZVPU9koPE   Gordon #Leadership…
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7 Facets of Inspiring Leadership

7 Facets of Inspiring Leadership http://youtu.be/9qMV7Lp7jzI Gordon #Leadership Principles
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What If There Was a Recipe for Success?

What if there was a recipe for success: a simple, easy to understand, repeatable formula that we could follow that would improve our results. Wouldn't that be…
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SMART Goal setting for 2015!

As we approach year end and we start to think about our New Years Resolutions, and our goals for 2015, I think the process about how we…
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Recognise Your Achievements

We all suffer from self doubts at some time or other, it's in our nature. One of the best ways I have found of overcoming this is…
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Be Fit to Lead in 2015!

As leaders we need to have great energy and dynamism in order be great examples and role models for our teams. And we can only do that if…
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Inspiring Leadership Radio Show

I just wanted to give you an update on the My Inspiring Leadership Webtalk Radio show, which I will be starting in January. I will post the…
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No Engagement, No Teamwork

We seem to be going through a period of very low employee engagement, in one survey I read employee engagement had reached a record low of just…
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