It’s Not What We Say About Ourselves That Counts

This morning I woke up early,  just before 4am, I couldn't sleep I am still jet lagged, I didn't feel like doing any work so I was…
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Great Recognition – Inc Magazine Top 100 Great Leadership Speaker

I am a big fan of giving recognition, I believe that it motivates people to aim higher and look to achieve even more. And I am the…
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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

The easiest thing in the world to find is an excuse. We can literally find hundreds of them, not matter what the situation is. I'm fat because…
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A Ship Can Only Have One Captain?

When it comes to leadership I often hear the phrase a ship can only have one captain, because when we have more than one we can end…
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A Simple Inspiring Leadership Definition

One of the questions I was asked the other day is, whats my definition of an Inspiring Leader? It is someone who is: authentic passionate a visionary…
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Are You Insane?

According to Albert Einstein Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. How many of us fall into that trap, how many…
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New Horizons, New Opportunities, New Inspirations

This week my wife Carine and I will be relocating from Germany to Florida. We have had a fantastic time in Germany, which is really a very…
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Inspiration and Engagement

I was reminded just recently how important Inspiration is in creating engaged teams when I was chatting with some former colleagues about how at the moment they…
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Leadership and Self Interest

Having just watched George Osborne explain the UK Budget for 2015, you get the strong feeling that this budget is all about getting the Conservative Party re-elected…
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