A is for Accountability

Last week I had a great interview with John Spence,  Author of Awesomely Simple, and during our chat John gave me 5 simple steps on how to increase…
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Top Leadership Experts To Follow in 2015

Feedback and Recognition are great motivators, so I am so honoured, and motivated to have been selected as one of the Top Leadership Experts to follow in…
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Giving Feedback

Giving Feedback should be of benefit to the individual receiving it. If it isn't, then it's just punishment, and in that case I would question what type…
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Interruption or Opportunity?

FAST Leaders know that they have to be accessible to their teams, and they don't see things as interruptions they see them as potential opportunities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdh0aqkbg3A  …
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FAST Radio Show – The Power of Belief

Here's the first episode in my FAST Leadership Radio Show, its called The Power of Belief and in the show i interview Belief Expert Phil Lee. I…
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Everyone Wants to Do a Good Job!

I believe that everyone comes to work wanting to do a good job, and as leaders it's our job to put them into a position where they…
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FAST Leaders Lead by Example!

Leading by example is the best way to lead, and FAST Leaders know that. When we challenge ourselves to be the best it allows us to challenge…
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importance of Transparency in Motivation

Transparency is crucial when it comes to motivation, its so easy for our teams, or even ourselves, to not see the progress we are making and then…
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Leaders Born or Made?

Here's a vlog on are Leaders Born or Made?  In my opinion, they are made! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fl-psTv0LNo   Gordon In Magazine Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers  
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