FAST Interview on Business Over Coffee

Check out my interview about FAST on Business over Coffee. Click here for the interview.  
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3 Simple Steps To Becoming A Leader

I'm constantly amazed at the number of people who tell me, that they are not leadership material, or who believe that leaders are born rather than made.…
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Guest Post – It’s Never Too Late To Be Successful

Guest Post - It's Never Too Late To Be Successful, While the popular image of a successful entrepreneur is a young, Zuckerberg-style Silicon Valley tycoon, there are…
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FAST Leadership Show – Entrepreneurs Born or Made

On todays show we’re going to be talking about the links between Leadership and Entrepreneurs. Asking questions such as do Leaders need to be Entrepreneurs, do Entrepreneurs…
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Guest Post – Compensation and Salary Trends

When you consider the importance of salary in attracting and retaining key talent, it's no surprise that HR consultants are inundated with request from companies to research…
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Interview on Success Radio About FAST Leadership

Check out my interview on Success Radio talking about leadership, FAST and how to achieve success. Click here.  
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Guest Post – 10 Ways To Become A More Confident…

Guest Post on 10 Ways To Become a More Confident Person. Thanks to Vegas Extreme Sky Diving and NeoMam Studios here you can find the original source. “We may…
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My Top 10 Films and the life lessons they taught…

Life is a never-ending process of learning and personal development. I have benefited from my parents teachings, having had professional coaches and mentors, but some of the…
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Why The Right Branding is Important

Having spent the last year looking at branding: logos; colour schemes; Mission; Promise; etc. and all of the rest of the things that go into branding, I…
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