10 ways to improve your emotional intelligence and become a…

When I was first promoted to a leadership position, I was so proud and yet so unprepared. It was my technical skills that had gotten me the…
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FAST Launch

On October 20th we launched FAST - 4 Principles Every Business Needs To Achieve Results And Drive Success. We held it at FAU Tech Runway, FAUs new…
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FAST Launch Special Offer

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Focus & Flexibility

As I look to launch my Book "FAST - 4 Principles Every Business Needs To Achieve Success and Drive Results" tomorrow Oct 20, I wanted to share…
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Interview of People & Purpose

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Interview on Author Story

  https://youtu.be/fSSbuyQ76NM   “A more successful world is a better world to live in.” ~Gordon Tredgold Gordon has a degree in mathematics and began his career in…
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First, Fast , Fearless – How To Lead Like a…

You may think that the parallels between Leadership in War and Business are not very similar, but according to Ed Hiner, who’s trained 1000’s of Navy SEALS,…
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Interview with Chris Cooper on The Business Elevator Show,

During this show we will be talking about F.A.S.T, a revolutionary approach to leadership that simplifies what we need to do to be successful. This approach has…
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FAST Interview on Author Story

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSSbuyQ76NM&feature=youtu.be hec
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