FAST Leadership Show – Leadership Paradoxes

What is leadership? What's the difference between leadership and being a leader. If you ask 20 leadership experts to define what leadership is you're probably going to…
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6 Hobbies That Can Make You a Better Leader

While many business people claim that they don't have time for hobbies, it's vitally important to any professional to maintain a work-life balance - and that means…
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Leadership Interview on Your Best Manager

Here's my interview on your best manager where we talk about mentors, influences and my leadership journey. http://yourbestmanager.com/gordontredgold/ Interview – Key Takeaways 1:29 Gordon Tredgold’s Career Path…
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Communication Skills That Turn Good Leaders Into Great Leaders

Although leadership is often perceived as a skill in its own right, it is in fact comprised of several sets of skills that work together to create…
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How Do We Promote Self Esteem

As leaders we need to focus on building self esteem within our teams because when we do that it will help to increase their confidence which will…
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FAST Leadership Show – Helping Techies Become Entrepreneurs

Not all great technical ideas result in great products or successful start ups. The internet is littered with tales of companies who just couldn't figure out how…
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Simple Ways to Grow Your Online Customer Base Progressively

Simple Ways to Grow Your Online Customer Base Progressively There are millions of online businesses and stores currently operating on the market, some more successful than others.…
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