Develop This One Habit And Become A Better Leader

Keep things inconsistent to keep the team on their toes. That's a great motto, right? Uh, no. Years ago, I had this boss who was terribly inconsistent. One week,…
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The Elements of Your Business to Refine

Every business has room for improvement, and if you’re in charge of a company that’s relatively new, there will be large and important areas in which your…
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Good Leaders Know It’s Better To Share

The fastest way to accumulate things is to take, take, take. You have to fight for your share, and if you don't get it, someone else will,…
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Mistakes Most Bosses Make When Giving Negative Feedback

Picture this. There's a team of enthusiastic employees working on a project. Everyone is super excited to be a part of the project, and they can't wait…
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8 Daily Habits That Will Boost Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is running at around 32%. Which means that a staggering 68% of staff, potentially your staff, are either disengaged or even worse actively disengaged.  According to…
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Number One Cause Of Business Failure

Bad leadership absolutely destroys engagement, it raises employee stress levels, it reduces their morale and ultimately it leads to failure. And these failures that can destroy your business too. I was…
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10 Ways You Can Motivate Your Employees

As a team leader or manager, part of your role is motivating your employees. How you do this though is not clear though, as every team is…
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13 Reasons Why You Should Join A Mastermind Group

Many people aren’t yet aware that a mastermind group can be a valuable tool, despite the fact that the Napoleon Hill created the concept approximately 75 years…
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