How to Improve the Communication of Your Company

Communication is one of the pillars that holds any business together. Without it, your business will likely collapse as a result of miscommunication and confusion. For this…
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5 Reasons Tedx Rejected You

Like many people, I wanted to do a Tedx talk. It's a great brand to be associated with, it helps to boost your visibility and credibility which…
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Why Motivation is Not Enough!

multiethnic Group of young business people throwing documents and looking happy while celebrating success at their working places in night office Let me start by saying that…
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Is an MBA the Right Degree for You?

There are many reasons why pursuing a master’s degree is a worthy investment to consider. You can be a better business owner or perform better in your…
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Why My TedX Talk Scared Me To Death

Fear is an interesting thing. So much of it is irrational. Fear of the unknown, fear of things that have practically zero possibility of happening, and for…
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How To Keep Your Employees Happy

How To Keep Your Employees Happy Your workforce is your most valuable resource. You can have the latest cutting-edge technology in the world, but if you don’t…
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7 Truths About Accountability You Need to Know

Having worked with hundreds of businesses, senior executives and management teams one topic that is always difficult to broach is accountability. Many people don't understand what accountability is, why it's…
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Top 5 Extraordinary Ways to Motivate Employees

It is easy to understand why motivation can – and surely will – erode, sooner or later, in a workplace. Just think of the monotonous beat that…
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How Companies Can Embrace Technology To Better Their Output

How Companies Can Embrace Technology To Better Their Output Technology is being embraced in all walks of life, including how companies can better their output, productivity and…
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