Random Acts of Kindness

Today I was training for the Rome marathon, and my goal for the run was to complete my first half marathon for just over 1 year, so…
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Smart Ways to Accurately Forecast Your Business Cash Flow

While creativity, passion, and dedication all have a crucial role to play in any business, your company can’t thrive without cash. source: Pexels Money is the lifeblood…
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3 Ways To Be More Efficient

Running your own company can be hard work. But, it’s something that can also be enjoyable to work on. Creating something from the ground up can be…
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The Start Of My Leadership Journey

One of the question I get asked is what made you want to get involved in Leadership, what was it that triggered your interest. It might seem…
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Are You Pushing Your Career Forward?

Image Source The modern business world is more competitive than it has ever been before. And as much as it would be nice to say that the…
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Cheaper, Better and Faster – Why it is Possible

There is a saying “Cheaper, Better, Faster you can pick any two, but you can't have all 3!” The implication that it’s not possible to deliver all…
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9 Questions Great Leaders Ask of Themselves Daily

Being a leader we often find ourselves asking a lot of questions. How is it going? What's the problem? How could we do better? and so on.…
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The Truth About Our Untapped Potential

When I look at where I was at the start of 2010 Unknown, outside my friends and family, and just working a corporate role, and where I…
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Should You Start A Business With Caution?

Maybe you’ve got a business idea that you feel is better than anything you’ve seen in the last few years. Maybe you’ve got the money to start…
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