3 Entrepreneurs Who Went from Business Degree to Billionaire

Three Entrepreneurs Who Went from Business Degree to Billionaire

There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking of starting a degree, after all, it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life. Should you move away to study at University, or does it make more sense to study online and stay at home? What subject should you take, and should it be vocational or something that you’re passionate about? One of the main reasons that people choose a particular degree course is that they expect it to lead to a lucrative career. If money is the main motivator, then it could make sense to do a business degree, after all, that’s what these three entrepreneurs did on their way to phenomenal wealth and success.

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg has become a powerful figure in the worlds of media and politics, and whilst the three times Mayor of New York can at times be controversial, particularly when switching party allegiances, there’s no doubting his success. A native of Boston, it was perhaps unsurprising that he eventually enrolled at Harvard University. The Master of Business Administration degree he gained there gave him the knowledge and confidence to found the company that bears his name. His estimated wealth now stands at more than $50 billion, making him one of the world’s ten richest individuals.

Scott McNealy

Technology is a fast-changing world, and many of those who make their money in it have been coding and innovating from their earliest years. Mark Zuckerberg is a famous example, as dropping out of Harvard proved to be the right move for him. Others within the technology sector have reaped the benefits of having a sound business background thanks to their business degree, such as leading tech mogul Scott McNealy. Scott gained his business degree at Stanford, and the California sun inspired him to found Sun Microsystems in 1982. Now with three and a half decades of success in the sector, he serves as Executive Chairman of social media marketing experts Wayin.

Elon Musk

The most talked about entrepreneur in the world today is Elon Musk. His revolutionary ideas in the field of transport could change our world forever. Musk’s genius was evident from an early age, and he was accepted into University aged just 17. He gained his business degree from the University of Pennsylvania and showing early entrepreneurial spirit, he rented a house and converted it into a nightclub while he was there. He hit headlines recently by launching one of his Tesla Roadster cars into space, but it was his business degree that really helped his career take flight.

Gaining a business degree can help you enhance your natural entrepreneurial talent, whilst giving you the practical skills you need to succeed in today’s competitive corporate world. You don’t have to go to physical campus if you don’t have the time, as you can study for a business degree at an online institution such as Kaplan University, allowing you to fit your studies around other commitments.

Having a business degree won’t necessarily make you a billionaire, but as Michael Bloomberg, Scott McNealy and Elon Musk found, it certainly doesn’t do any harm.