4 Better Ways to Reduce Waste At Your Business


Knowing how to give your company a boost does not revolve solely around improving your website or rebranding. In the modern world, consumers want to frequent companies that focus on improving the environment. Every year, businesses and corporations are the biggest waste contributor, so knowing how to reduce your waste can help make a small but effective dent in pollution and other environmental issues. 

Audit Your Waste Habits 

The best place to begin when reducing waste is to carry out a waste audit. This will give you the chance to go around your premises and track where waste comes from, where it goes, and what you can do about it. If you’re unsure where to begin, this step-by-step guide designed by the University of Cambridge can give you a strong idea of what you must do. This approach is as beneficial for small businesses as it is for larger companies, but you will need to get everyone involved and onboard if you want to see effective changes. 

Work With Local Companies

Not every business has access to top-of-the-range waste management or recycling facilities. But, this does not mean they are not responsible for reducing waste and finding a better, more efficient home for it. If you don’t have adequate facilities, identify local companies for cardboard, plastic, scrap metal recycling, to help remove waste from your premises and be better for the environment. Dedicated companies are specifically designed to find a better destination for waste, and seeking them out demonstrates your company’s pledge to help the planet. 

Donate Your Old Items

As your company grows, you may outgrow some equipment, such as furniture or computers. In the past, businesses have discarded them wherever they see fit. But, these items only end up in landfills, and the materials used to construct them can take decades to decompose at the very least. Rather than throw items in the trash so they are out of sight and out of mind, look for local organizations and ask whether they would benefit from your used equipment. Homeless shelters, schools, and adult education facilities can benefit from these items, especially as they often do not have the budget to buy brand new. 

Reconsider Packaging Practices

If you ship items across the country, you should rethink how your packaging affects the environment and how much waste it creates. If you ship a small item, does it require a 30cm x 30cm x 30cm shipping box? Unlikely. Instead, consider hexacomb packaging in Denver for a more environmentally friendly option that uses significantly less material while still providing ample protection for your products. Being more efficient with your packaging will not just reduce carbon emissions thanks to its reduced weight, but it can offer additional benefits for your business that will help you stand out from the crowd and establish yourself as a leader in sustainability. 

Waste No More

No matter what your business specialises in, there are bound to be areas where you can improve waste management and disposal. Consider any of these ideas to help your business reduce waste, and watch how it improves your reputation compared to competitors who have not yet got the memo.