4 Reasons to Start a Side Hustle Right Now

Photo by nappy from Pexels

Thinking about starting a side hustle this year but are yet to get around to it? Here are some great reasons to throw caution to the wind and really push yourself to start up a new venture. 

There are plenty of directions you can go in

Think a side hustle is just for money orientated budding entrepreneurs? That’s not the case at all! It doesn’t matter what your interests, passions or skills are, there are so many options and chances are you can monetise something you already love doing. Whether it’s writing, making crafts, baking cakes, growing plants in your garden, you probably already have the fundamental skills needed to start up a money-making venture. From musicians to artists, designers and computer buffs- there’s something that everyone can do. 

It improves your skills

Building skills when you’re stuck in a mundane job isn’t always easy. It’s not always simple to switch jobs or get a promotion as you need to stick with something that will pay the bills, however there are ways to improve your skills outside of the workplace. A side hustle allows you to do this; most people will need to network, liaise with clients, do their own taxes and run a website to run their side hustle and these are all things that can push you out of your comfort zone and force you to learn things that are beyond the scope of what you do on a daily basis. 

You can earn money in a fun way

One of the main reasons most people start up a side hustle is to gain and additional stream of income. If you want to earn extra money then this a great option since most side hustles can be done right from your own home. An extra stream of income is always nice, it’s an easy way to save money or pay down debts, but it can also be a lifesaver if you lose your job. If you have an accident and can no longer work, get made redundant or your health prevents you from going to a standard workplace every day then you already have an established stream of income in place. Even if your job seems safe, no one really knows what’s around the corner, so extra money will always make life easier if your wages are suddenly stopped for any reason. You could sell online taking Paypal or card payments, you could sell in person from your home or a market stall, be sure to get credit card processing equipment however as cash is something people are using less and less. 

It boosts creativity

Many of us were creative in childhood- we’d paint, draw, craft and sing. But as adults, particularly once we enter a formal workplace environment our creativity becomes stifled. So finding ways to release this again is never a bad thing, and a side hustle could be exactly the platform you need to do that. Creativity is linked to reduced stress and anxiety, not to mention feelings of pride when you create something incredible that you’re working on. If you want to let your creative juices flow and start trying new things then start up a side hustle!