4 Ways Justworks EOR Services Simplify International Hiring

During international expansions, businesses often require local talents to perform specific duties and responsibilities. However, local laws and regulations prevent small businesses from hiring international talent unless they are registered as a local employer. This is where employer of record (EOR) services become so important.

EOR is offered by a third-party company, and it allows a small business to hire people in other countries by acting as the legal local employer on behalf of the business. If you are looking for similar services to simplify international hiring for your business, Justworks EOR services can be a good option to consider. In fact, these services can simplify the international talent acquisition process for your business in a number of ways.

  • 1. Explore Top Talent Markets

The EOR services from Justworks help small businesses like yours to expand internationally by tapping into top international talent. The hyper-local expertise of these services enables a seamless onboarding experience and payroll management. As the Justworks platform comes with a robust HR infrastructure, you can use the services to save time, money, and effort.

  • 2. Hire in Multiple Countries

Justworks has local EOR entities in 11 countries, including the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Chile, and Costa Rica. As your strategic partner with a team of HR professionals and local legal experts, these EOR services help simplify international hiring. Besides the local entities, Justworks lets its customers hire in 100+ countries if requested through its local partners.

  • 3. International Compliance Assistance

Usually, a business needs to set up a local legal entity to hire abroad. However, Justworks helps you save time with international compliance support. Their EOR services protect your business from various risks associated with international hiring. The services take care of hiring and managing employees in compliance with local employment laws. They also make it easier to handle payroll taxes. You can efficiently navigate the local HR regulations with Justworks EOR.

  • 4. Receive Comprehensive Support

Justworks takes care of the international hiring for your business from start to finish. You only need to set up the HR infrastructure, which accelerates the process of recruitment and onboarding in different countries. The EOR services handle the paperwork for your business. They further allow you to pay the new recruits in their local currency with on-time transactions. Moreover, you can offer a competitive benefits package that is tailored to the local market of the new recruit. Your business also gets support for work visa sponsorship or immigration in specific markets.

Navigate International Hiring with Confidence

With Justworks as your strategic partner, you can hire, pay, and provide benefits to your employees based around the globe. If you are willing to hire the best talent across the world, the EOR services from Justworks may just be your best bet.