5 Cases Handled by Employment Lawyers

An employment lawyer is described as an individual who offers assistance to employers and employees. They develop a resolution through negotiation, arbitration, or litigation if an accusation is made or an issue occurs.

Depending on your specific situation, you may be entitled to things such as reinstatement, payment for damages, and back pay. Factors such as the extent of your loss will impact this.

Want to learn more? In this article, we are going to talk about five common cases handled by these professionals.


Workplace discrimination occurs when an individual is treated less favourably than other employees due to their background and beliefs. Some examples include:

– Paying an individual less because of their ethnicity.

– Not hiring an older individual because of their age or image.

– Not offering a promotion to someone that doesn’t share the same religious beliefs.

If you are concerned about discrimination in your workplace, it’s critical to seek legal counsel. Check out HKM Chicago for more advice.

Wrongful Termination 

When an employer ends a worker’s employment without a justified reason, it is known as wrongful termination. One example could be if an individual is fired or “encouraged to quit” for reporting bullying within the company.

Always make sure you check your contract to ensure that management takes the appropriate steps regarding your dismissal. For instance, many contracts state that you require two verbal warnings and then a written notice before you can be terminated.


Similar to discrimination, harassment can occur in different forms. However, it generally refers to offensive and derogatory jokes, including racial slurs, pressure for dates (sexual harassment), and rude comments regarding religion.

Any type of harassment should never be tolerated, and appropriate precautions should be taken by management if a report has been made. Failure to do this is a sign of toxic work culture.

Wage/Hour Disputes 

Being underpaid is one of the most significant causes of job dissatisfaction, and again, it’s something that should be addressed. If your employer refuses to pay the amount you are entitled to, a lawyer can help.

But that’s not all – they can also assist with hour disputes. For instance, you may not be getting the hours stated in your contract or are completing too much overtime.

Contract Breaches

Contracts are legally binding documents between an individual and their employer. If someone changes the terms or breaks the conditions without prior negotiation, it is known as a breach.

A few examples of common contract breaches include:

– Holding bonuses or wages that were previously discussed.

– Sharing an employee’s confidential information.

– Terminating without giving proper notice or before the end of a fixed term.

Final Words

As you can see from the above, employment lawyers can handle various cases. So next time you are involved in a dispute or have concerns about your work environment, reach out for professional assistance. They will be able to guide you through the process and offer the best possible solution.