5 Ideas To Grow Your Online Community


Your brand needs a strong online presence, but building your following can take a little time. If you’re keen to start growing your online community, keep the following ideas in mind.

1 . Run social media contests

Keen to grow your online community? Consider running social media contests. Audiences just love the idea of winning a prize, you might give away products, discounts, or free tickets? When you run a contest, make sure that you encourage your audience to tag their friends. There are plenty of benefits to competitions including:

  • You can widen your reach and gain more followers.
  • Interactive content boosts engagement.
  • Entice your audiences to create UGC.
  • Giveaways can encourage people to shop with you later.
  1. Community tools

If you’re keen to grow your community online check out an app for building your own community. The Disciple Media app allows brands to create their very own community platform, that’s separate from standard social media. When you have your own online community, you can set the rules, and create a safe space.

There are plenty of tech tools that can help brands to grow and achieve their true potential. From content creation tools to social media management tools, companies have many options.

  1. Produce killer content

If you’re serious about growing your online community, you’ve got to produce amazing content. From your blog to your podcast and your video marketing, ensure that your content is creative and engaging. One of the best ways to improve your content is by performing plenty of competitor research. Focus on what your competitors are getting right, and figure out how you can do better! To ensure that you’re producing killer content, focus on the following steps:

  • Ensure that your content is well researched.
  • Focus on SEO and search intent.
  • Think outside the box, and approach subjects creatively.
  • Use content creation tools to help you.
  1. Work with influencers

Working with influencers is a fantastic way to grow your online community, influencers can help you to grow your audience, and appeal to your followers. The most important thing is to choose the right influencers. You’ll need to choose influencers in the right niche, who have the respect of your audience.

  1. Focus on audience values 

If you want to grow your online community you’ll need to focus on the values of your audience. Look closely at your target audience research, and use these values to shape your content. You’ll need to produce content that’s relatable to your audience. When you keep your audience in mind it’s easier to create content that they love.

With the help of these five ideas, you’ll soon start to grow your online community and improve your marketing. Building a great marketing strategy is the fastest way to online success. If you’re struggling with your marketing it can be useful to hire an expert. Marketing best practices are always changing, and so professional support can be incredibly useful.